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Terms and Conditions

Terms Of Use

a. The contract between B-Date and the user is concluded by the creation of a user account through the free registration by the user on the website or the respective mobile apps.

b. The user can carry out the free registration by filling in the registration form. In doing so, selected data from the respective profiles of the user will be transferred to the B-Date database. By registering via the Connect functions, the user agrees to the respective terms and conditions of the third party providers and thereby agrees that certain data will be transferred to the B-Date database.

c. B-Date reserves the right to refuse the registration of users for factual reasons. Such reasons are in particular: Violation of the Terms of Use, fraud prevention attacks, doubts about identity, suspicion of SPAM, doubts about age, deception. B-Date may also make registration dependent on further steps, including identification or SPAM prevention steps.

d. The use of the service is free of charge. The user can activate chargeable functions by purchasing or taking out a subscription.

e. Only one user account may be created per user. Existing user accounts must be deleted before a new user account can be registered. Multiple registration and re-registration for users blocked by B-Date is prohibited.

f. Use is only permitted for natural persons of full age.

Obligations of the user

(1). The user may use a pseudonym for the platform. If the user decides to add information (e.g. details or pictures) to his user account, this information must be truthful and accurately describe his personality. In particular, information is incorrect or untrue if the User cannot be identified from the information posted or if it shows a person other than the User.

(2). The User shall ensure that he/she can be contacted at the e-mail address provided during registration. The user will keep the e-mail address stored with B-Date up to date and will use this address to communicate with B-Date. The user should write in the communication via e-mail, from the address stored at B-Date, in order to enable an assignment to a user account. If the user communicates from a different address or not by e-mail, the user must take precautions to confirm the authorization to communicate with B-Date from this address. Delays due to missing information from the user are at the user's expense.

(3). The user undertakes to provide only his own data (including e-mail address) and not that of another person. In particular, he undertakes not to fraudulently provide the bank details or credit card details of third parties.

(4). B-Date may have the correctness of the information provided by the user checked, if necessary, in order to ensure the identity of the user and the functioning of the platform. The user will prove or verify his identity upon request by B-Date. In case of refusal or non-verification, B-Date is authorized to terminate the contract without notice.

(5). Any behaviour which is racist, insulting, discriminatory, harassing, defamatory, sexual, pornographic, glorifying violence or otherwise illegal is prohibited.

(6). The user is solely responsible for his user content. The user is obliged to ensure that his user content is not racist, insulting, discriminating, harassing, slanderous, sexual, pornographic, violence glorifying or otherwise illegal. B-Date is entitled, but not obligated, to delete or terminate user content that violates these rules and to temporarily block the user account of the responsible user or to terminate the contractual relationship.